Monday, 3 October 2016

A Busy Weekend

Good Afternoon,

It's a really lovely sunny day today, but it was certainly fresh this morning.

Well we had a really busy weekend, we decided to decorate the dining room some time ago, and this weekend we finally got round to it, the walls have been painted a lovely fresh Ivory Lace and the woodwork is white satinwood.

We had to get some new dining chairs and I am really happy with these new additions.

Here is the finished room (well still got to put up the curtain pole and curtains)...

After decorating I managed to cast on my halloween theme socks yay, happy face!

I love weekends, spending time together, and getting the house organised, but it seems the weekend goes way to fast.
I did cook a Sunday Roast yesterday with Apple crumble for pudding, no pictures as it was gone all to quickly by hubbie and pickle.

With nights getting darker earlier, my blue fairy lights brighten up the kitchen.

I am so happy as Strictly Come Dancing is back and  I love it, I have watched it from the first series, so Saturday nights are now back to Strictly nights!, I will however miss Downton Abbey this year, but I will just have to watch it on Sky demand instead!

Hope you all have a good Monday, and thanks for stopping by