Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tuesday Thoughts

Good Afternoon,

Been absent again due to illness!, hope everyone is well...

It's colder now and I have to say tights and jumpers are out and being worn, now there is no turning back.

Well managed to finish my new patchwork cushion covers for Autumn..

I am so pleased with them, and they will go perfectly in our lounge.

Mittens the cat has been as cheeky as ever, she has grown so much..

While I was feeling unwell at the weekend, I managed some more rows of my Cupcake blanket, I find this so relaxing as it's only tow different kinds of stitches.

Halloween is coming to the shops at the moment, I don't like all this Clown business going on, I have to say!, which when I read about people jumping out on people, make my worry.

I am looking forward to a breakaway to our favourite spot and seeing this view again soon...
It's time to spend together as a family and relax.

Well I hope you enjoyed my post today and thanks for stopping by