Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tuesday Thoughts

Good Afternoon,

It's so lovely and sunny here today, I hope it's the same where you are.

The weekend seems to go by way to quickly, I always feel like I need one extra day...Anyway Saturday was not so nice here in Sussex, grey and wet at times, and as I managed to kick the bedroom door Thursday night I was nursing a very purple baby toe!, so rest was in order Saturday and a nice takeaway Saturday night.

Sunday started much nicer, sunny but chilly so we decided to do some work on the garden, Hubbie wanted to cut down one of the conifer trees which was blocking light from the dining room, here is the mass of tree still to get rid of!

Our little Christmas tree will be planted in the garden at some point.

I managed to buy some pretty solar lights this year, I really want it to look nice this year..

Going to paint the fences soon, before it all grows to quickly...I have however uncovered a pretty yellow primrose.

It felt so nice to be outside again, after the winter, I love hearing the birds, watching the butterflies in the garden and seeing pickle play outside.

Other things this past week or so was I brought some skeins of wool, and thought that I could knit straight away....and this is mess I ended up with (pro knitters out there, please don't laugh too much at this school boy error), I have since wind it into a nice neat ball. - After a good few hours.

Mittens has been enjoying the sunshine and has been out in the garden with us at weekend.. she has grown so much and is very cheeky.

On Sunday pickle wanted to make a cake, so here is her Lime and Coconut cake with fresh fruit on top, it's very yummy.
Can't believe our little pickle will be 10 next month, not sure where the time has gone...feels like 5 minutes ago, we walked in the front door back from hospital with her in the car seat.

Well that's it from me for the moment, enjoy your Tuesday!