Friday, 1 April 2016

Five on Friday

Good Afternoon,

I know 2 posts in one day, but I have been AWOL for a bit, I have shared with you before my ongoing health issues i.e my Diverticular Disease but I am currently having Gallbladder issues and looking at having it removed, but onwards we go.

I am feeling slightly better then I did as they have given me medication for my DD, which is good.

Anyway on with the show!.  Here are my Five on Friday, which is run by the lovely Amy at Love made my home.


On Good Friday we went to Lewes for the day, it was a lovely sunny spring day, and it's a place that you can just wander around in and out shops and looking at the old buildings, here is a view between some buildings out towards the South Downs.


Here is a couple of Easter pictures, Simnel Cake and Roast Lamb, what better food to eat at Easter time.


I ordered these pretty Harry Potter theme stitch markers from Thimble and Thread, on Etsy.

Hubbie and Pickle went shopping last Saturday and came back with this wool stash for me as a Easter present.


Here is my latest finished crochet project, it will be a present for someone special, it's from Little Box of Crochet, and called the Princess and the Pea Collar.

Well I hope to be back to regular blogging again soon, as it's half term time is not something I have much of. 

I hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy some spring like weather!