Friday, 6 February 2015

What a lovely surprise!

Good Afternoon, it's Friday again!

Well I saw a post on blog the other day about knickers!, I see you smiling, yes making your own knickers and I thought hmmm, they sounds interesting!

So I want online to Sew over it, and there they have a kit with the necessary items, so I order, I now impulse buyer, but hay...
So yesterday it arrived, and look at the gorgeous packing, it was like going to a lingerie shop, all wrap in pretty blue paper, so cute.
So this will be my weekend project, so keep a look out for more,(don't worry I won't be modelling)haa

When I got home the other night I had a real hunger for family fruit loaf, so here it is prior to baking.,,

It snowed again yesterday afternoon pickle got excited as it was big flakes, but lasted about 5 minutes.

Have a nice weekend, thanks for stopping by!