Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday Sunshine!

Good Afternoon,

Well the sun is out and shining brightly which is nice, I have not been feeling very well and am awaiting further tests, so there maybe breaks in my blogging.

Happier things, well Hubbie treated me on Valentines day, with some lovely flowers and wine!

It was sunny on Sunday, so Mittens was happy stretching out on the sofa, I have never seen a cat layout like Mittens...

It's half term, so I had Monday off with pickle, I took her swimming and than out on her scooter in the afternoon.

Sally the sewing machine is coming along nicely, I have cleaned and oiled her and I managed to work out the bobbin and treading the 1930's Singer, and I got to stitch for the first time on Sunday.  

Have a nice afternoon and thanks for stopping by.