Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tuesday Thoughts!

Good Afternoon,

Well I had the worst week last!... My hubbie cut his head open on Wednesday morning, at which pickle went into total meltdown bless her..she cried more than when she cut her own head open many years back!so off to A&E he went, now all glue back together.
I was back and fourth to the hospital for tests, which have come back clear (good news) but still awaiting for answers...
Went out for birthday meal Friday, was nightmare no starters arrived just mains course.. and than got food poisoning on Saturday and to top it off, hubbie got a new tyre on the car Saturday and Sunday morning it was flat as a pancake!

So all in all not a great week, and your thinking this is not an inspiration blog.....

Good news was pickle being picked to Sing and play Guitar at the school spring concert (huge smile on my face as typing), so that's my inspiration, she is really enjoying this hobbie, here she is practising.

I am starting my first granny square blanket, using Stylecraft special DK, in blues, teal and all having a fresh white edge.
Here is my first of 49 squares

Such a spring day today..here are some tete-a-tete on my desk.

(had to put the by window to get a nice picture)

I am really hoping this week will be better, hope you all have a nice week. 
Thanks for stopping by.