Monday, 16 March 2015

Mother's Day weekend!

Good Afternoon All,

Well I had a nice weekend, Saturday we pop into town to get a Mothers Day present for me, a new charm for my bracelet, and then we went to lunch, I prefer that, then going out Mother's Day as it's always so busy.

On the way back hubbie took us for a drive, which is one of the plus points of living the countryside.We find this lovely little road, with a pretty church...
It was a shame it wasn't open...

But we wondered around the back and the views where so camera skills don't do them justice.

Opposite the Church was the Old Rectory, I thought the building was so pretty! and Regal looking.

I managed to do some crochet in the afternoon, here is the outcome...

Easter preparation already in progress, pickle wanted to to some crafting on Mother's Day, so we Decopatch these eggs..

Hope you have a nice week!xx
Thanks so much for your comments on my previous post and well wishes..
Thanks again for visiting!