Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sunny September Day

As the school year starts again, and the nights are starting to draw in, my mind turns to sewing and baking... As I have to live to a gluten free diet since earlier this year, I have been adapting my favourite bakes to Gluten Free versions, with some challenges along the way.

My Pillow on the earlier blog was my first September sewing, with the help of my 8 year old daugther.

As Blackberries are now in full swing and apple season is nearly here, I am thinking Apple and Cinnamon cupcakes (gluten Free of course!)... Picture to follow on a newer post. 

On the school run this morning in sunny sussex, I notice the leaves are changing and the conkers are everywhere much to the childrens pleasure.. and mine.  I love to collect them in put them in vases along with pine cones.

This is my first real blog and am new to this but I hope people will comment along the way with me.