Sunday, 28 September 2014

a weekend of crochet, knitting and slow cooking

After my lovely shopping trip on Friday I realised I need to finish my present projects crochet lampshade

2. Percy the penguin, i have done the body, feet and beak but still need to put together.
A picture of percy will be on soon.  This is so I can get started on a halloween skirt for ddaughter and a new top for yours truly!.
The weather has been really nice again so really enjoyed getting in the garden, mowed the lawn and let down the paddling pool :(

The slow cooker got it's first use of the autumn we a yummy stew on saturday, while it filled the house with a lovely smell, my summer clothes where packed away for another year. 

My daughter is learning to crochet bless her and she also loves crafts and is making a wooden heart display.

So as Sunday is drawing to a close and am settling down to watch downton abbey, with a cup of tea and a cupcake, i am knitting like mad to get percy finished.

catch up soon