Friday, 1 May 2015

Scavenger Hunt April 2015

Good Afternoon,

These are my photos for this months Scavenger Hunt

I really hope you like them

Upside Down

Here is pickle doing handstands in the garden as the weather has been so nice


This was on a drive the other day, we liked as it as you could see abit of blue sky!


Here are the chairs in my dining room..

Something Sweet

Well we always have sweet stuff around, here are some yummy sweet cakes..


Here is the magnolia bush in the garden coming into bloom, I just love the smell and the colours


Here is a gift from pickle..

Here is our room, I love the wallpaper it's so light and bright!

Here are rain clouds coming.

Well we had lots of egg this month (Easter of course), but these fresh eggs are from a friends chickens.

Fresh flowers, I just love them all


Well Foot really, here is the foot of my 1939 singer sewing machine.
Whatever I want..

Here is the wood pigeon nesting in our tree, she has laid 2 eggs, can't wait to see the chicks, we get them every year!

Well I hope you like my Scavenger hunt, Thanks for stopping by!